We aim to provide knowledge and information about roofing related to business, retail and industrial situations.

The roof is the one of the most important parts of a building, with such an important part of a building comes the pressure to get and to maintain the roof. You need to use quality products that are proven to last for a number of years and will require as little maintenance as possible. This is especially specific of retail and commercial roofs. You will want minimum work needed to be carried out to prevent disruption to your retail or commercial building.

The materials of a roof are only as good as the workforce who construct and maintain your roof. The staff will need to be highly skilled, have relevant credited certificates and be able to show a great portfolio of the work that they have done.

There are many different types of roof as well and whether it's on a house or a flat roof on a building there are many brands of roofing materials and different types of installation.

Technology allows roofs to improve, in the materials used and the way that they are installed. In recent years single ply membrane has become more fashionable to use due to its outstanding properties. It has a longer life span then built up felt roofs. This is due to the EPDM rubber often used. It is heat and frost resistant. Will stretch with the change of temperatures, is not harmed by UV rays and also does not pollute the rain water that falls on the roof. The last point is useful for if you reuse the water that collects on your roof.

Other roof type is the built up felt type of roof materials. The technology used has improved greatly over the years. Gone are the days of the use of tar kettles which were dangerous and unpredictable but rather the use of torches. These torches make the job safer and more efficient. If the workmanship is right it will be able to last for years to come.